How It All Began...


 I have always had a intriguing love of great flavours in my cooking.  As a child I was an enthusiastic assistant in the kitchen to my Mother.  This led me to being brave and bold with flavours as I grew up, new and exciting things were continually added to my recipe repertoire. It really is no surprise that I am now involved in the food world. 

When my children were small I was very keen for them to have an adventurous palate and for them to enjoy chilli, I made Tomato Chilli Jam for them to have instead of copious quantities of Tomato Ketchup!  It became a firm family favourite and my friend Lucy persuaded me to produce it for her fantastic travelling deli.  Their first incarnation was in half litre kilner jars and it soon became a huge favourite for her many customers. This then led me to supply some of the best independent food shops in Shropshire and beyond.

My focus now, is to reach every specialist retailer in Britain and to continue supporting the Great British Food Revolution that I am exceptionally proud to be part of. 

I have developed 5 additional flavours to add to the range, Red Onion Marmalade, Hot Chilli Jam,  Carrot and Coriander Relish, Fig and Mustard Sauce and Chutney for Cheese. We also have a great egg free mayonnaise range that is bang on course to meet the needs of the fast growing Vegan community. We have five fantastic flavours, Simply Mayo, Garlic Mayo and Tarragon Mayo, Smoked Mayo with Garlic and Smokey Chilli Mayo.

We have also now lauched a superb Ranch Dressing which is already becoming a favourite with all our this space for more exciting summer dressings.

What A Pickle! holds its own better than ever on the shelf with it's bright, cheerful and clear label. The font for all our labels is derived my hand writing giving it a unique and unforgetable personality.  As a collection we aim to look the best on the shelf, always using colours that create a perfect impression for customers enabling our products to fall into shoppers baskets with ease!

I love visiting my stockists and undertaking taster days,  it is introducing and inspiring the product to customers that drives me, as well as continuing to develop new and exciting flavours to add to the range.